User Guide

Warning: safecerthax is an exploit for O3DS/2DS only, it does not work on N3DS & N2DS. For more information, please check out the FAQ.

This guide provides instructions on how to use safecerthax to install boot9strap through SafeB9SInstaller.

Section I: Getting started

  1. Download the latest SafeB9SInstaller archive.
  2. Extract its contents and copy the SafeB9SInstaller.bin file to the root of your 3DS SD card.

Section II: Setting up your 3DS

From there, there are two different ways of using safecerthax:

Option I: Using the public DNS & NUS servers

WARNING: safecerthax uses an exploit in the 3DS SSL system module to bypass SSL/TLS certificate verifications. It means that you’re not safe when using custom DNS or proxy servers. Thus, I highly recommend not using any proxy or DNS server other than the ones provided here. Moreover, you should stop using the safecerthax servers once you have finished using the exploit. I am not responsible for any issue caused by the use of potential untrusted third-party servers.

  1. Power on your 3DS and launch the System Settings application.
  2. Navigate to Internet Settings -> Connection Settings.
  3. Tap on your network connection slot and navigate to Edit -> DNS.
  4. Tap on No and open the Advanced Settings. Then edit both fields as follows:
    • Primary DNS:
    • Secondary DNS:
  5. Save your changes and run the connection test.
  6. If the test succeeded, you may now shutdown your device and go to Section III.

Option II: Setting up your own safecerthax-proxy


Section III: Running the exploit

The exploit does not have a 100% success rate. It might freeze or get stuck on a black screen. If this occurs, just retry from step 1 of this section. However, if your problem persists, please check out the Troubleshooting section of the FAQ.

  1. Power on your device in Recovery Mode by holding L+R+Up+A on startup.
  2. Tap on OK and I Agree when it asks you to connect to the Internet to update your device.
  3. Tap on OK to begin the fake update.
  4. The update should fail and an error message should pop up.
  5. Close the error message.
  6. The exploit should run and launch SafeB9SInstaller.